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Services provided to Employers

Recruitment is a time consuming and an expensive process. The cost of an unsuccessful hire can be even more unfortunate.

At SRS, we follow a professional recruitment process, developed and refined over the years, as a recruitment specialist. We are dedicated to finding you the best possible candidate for your vacant position while requiring the least amount of your time and energy.

We identify, quantify, assess and introduce candidates that can make a significant impact on our client’s business performance. We achieve this by stringently following the methodology outlined below:

Researching, Selecting & Interviewing

Once SRS has been commissioned to proceed with the assignment, SRS will work with the client to make certain of our complete understanding of the role, the timeframe within which this assignment needs to be completed and the level of confidentiality of the position.

From this our team will conduct comprehensive research through our database, or through headhunting.

Simultaneously, our team will conduct market research to ensure carefully selected lists of candidates are uncovered, contacted and screened. Work experience as well as interpersonal and communications skills are other qualities we look for in an applicant.

Shortlist Preparation & Interview Arrangement

Upon completion of our research, qualification and interviewing of candidates, in addition to reference checking , we will prepare a Shortlist of the suitable profiles based on information collated throughout our process.

SRS, if required, can arrange interviews between our client and the shortlisted candidates for the final selection.

Placement Services, Orienting & Preparation of Applicants

We make sure that the selected applicants know what to expect in the new environment, thus reducing or omitting conflicts or misunderstandings that may happen. Also we arrange flights and hotel reservations for interviews requested by employer, we follow up on visas and other official papers required by the employer along with our innovative relocation services that reduce the impediments associated with relocating candidates.


Our goal is to provide you with people who will contribute positively to your corporate goals, and make a real impact on your organization. We maintain contact with you and with the candidate to ensure that this goal is accomplished. SRS maintains throughout the entire process a sense of responsibility ensuring our client's values are upheld.

Broadcast my Job Vacancy Service

SRS will broadcast your Job Vacancy to thousands of Job Seekers matching your requirements, in a campaign via direct E-mail messages, sending your job opening to thousands of job seekers matching your exact requirements, and reaching 100% targeted users' inboxes, this way and you will reach more people; get higher applications rate and faster feedback.


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